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Light projection machine and silkscreened films...


The cinema is a tool to explore. It is a tool for the creation, to express and show aspects of the human being... emotions, spatial and temporal relationships, the remembering. The movies have the capacity to put together many arts in an only temporal line that becomes an element to dream, to grow, to think.. but also to indoctrinate. For this reason, the movies have a dark side... that we also love. 

this analogical project became to play with the emotional awakeness the simple..



tsineboard from tsinema on Vimeo.




tSINEBOX is an artifact of basic mechanics; allows screening of films on any surface. The films are unique and specific to this machine. tsinebox kinematic allows a didactic approach in itself and stimulates DTP own film projects ... its most primitive level evokes the pleasure and enjoyment of the game with the visual language. darkness, light, shapes and visual rhetoric ...





the film represent the challenge of this artifact. Propose a compositional exercise... in particular a large paper where you have to think about a spatio-temporal structure. this will be a linear sequence that will conform the plot ... in terms of the material that makes up the film: paper, paperboard... very simple, no limitation on draw, paint, print... whatever






tsinema from tsinema on Vimeo.

tSINEbOX was part of the exhibition "ums wege kino" organized by the Spanish Embassy in Berlin and Gat room. In the hotel Gat Point Charlie, Berlin Mauerstrasse 81-82 101117. Presented November 20 to December 1, 2013. Curated by Cristina Navarro



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