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about us:
he most relevant academic studies and official degrees: Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, specialist in family and community medicine.

While this merit squeaks in their artistic interest, I understand that has been instrumental in their humanistic component that basically guided my future ... and in fact, it is the only academic qualification I have. The approach to the creative process has been largely an inner journey more than a series of merits and qualifications ... a summary way, here I discuss broadly the skills that I have developed.

It must be said that having started some academic studies in the pursuit of knowledge in verse human beings as the backbone of my training, I soon found necessary to deepen the field of visual arts. With a hermit character, a Spartan and self-taught approach to pictorial material, I have dedicated my life to work it putting the limit one's own abilities and reasons using this aspect of my professional, personal, family and social development as the engine of my growth.

serial work: My approach to graphic work has gradually taken on a more committed and absorbing character. While, began innocently in the field of etching and manual burnished, soon led to the world of artistic and experimental silkscreen. Also with a self-taught approach in the field, it became a main tool in my overall artistic expression work.

graphic design ... is inevitable the use of the tools of graphic design. A central focus of my work has been the software design and vector illustration ... I have been interested in merging the digital work with this material fact and passes veral my work

I recently started my way into a space for artistic creation in the city of Girona as a resident artist: femlavolta.cat. It is a project of revitalization of a close neighborhood of the city, the neighborhood of San Narciso. My contribution to the project wants to focus on making graphic work in general both in the form of serial work and performing mixed media monotypes. Initially, it is expected to make a portrait of the area, the experiences and personalities neighborhood